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June 20 2017

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That mailbox is just like “OH GOD JUST KILL ME IT’S TOO HOT”

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What a monster!

The Super Dictionary (1978)


Bucky: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One. Steve, code name – Been There, Done That. Tony is – Currently Doing That. Natasha is – It Happened Once in a Dream; Thor, code name – If I Had To Pick another Dude. Sam is – Eagle Two.

Sam: Oh thank God.


tbh i kinda really miss the cocky arrogant tony stark too, like its been so long that he just really showed the basic bitches what hes worth.  i want that in infinity war
“my sunglasses are worth more than your life insurance, sit down barton.”

I need this to be a thing.




I need one Winter Soldier, determined to go to the beach without drawing attention to himself or the murderous metal arm. I need Tony to tell him he knows just thing. 

Tony will help out. No worries. 

Bucky expects Science. 

Bucky receives this:


Bucky wears it anyway. 


Pleaseee? Pretty pretty very pretty please?


since you asked so nicely

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spider-man: homecoming (2017)



“your clothes look gay” yeah? i sure hope so. because my clothes ARE gay. if im wearing them, they’re gay. gay by association.

They came out of the closet this morning what did you expect?



Welding shut a hot one with the girls






“Hey do you accept constructive criticism on your posts” doesn’t work as a meme anymore I’m sorry we all know where the punchline is gonna go we’ve all known for like two years, so knock it off!

do you accept constructive criticism on your posts?

Yeah go ahead

this is a good post, and while I agree the meme as it is now is tired, there’s still humour in it if you play around with it, e.g. if you try to subvert people’s expectations

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GrApE mAcHiNe?


i’m mentally ill too but fucking listen to me here. you need to take responsibility for your actions regardless of whether or not they’re a product of your mental illness. you don’t get to manipulate, gaslight, take advantage of, or straight up abuse people because you’re mentally ill! you don’t! what the fuck! why are some of you still thinking it’s okay to say things like “manipulation is okay because i have _____ and need attention from my significant other”. oh my god. Don’t fucking do that

June 18 2017


I legitimately don’t understand anon hate like you are literally just….giving them the last word? Like you’re setting up for them to have time to think of a great comeback and then post it publicly for everyone to see and laugh at your asinine comment. Not to mention that you’re limited to 500 characters while the other person can write eight paragraphs dragging your ass and all you can do is watch in horror or write yet another anonymous message which again gives them the last word. You’re literally setting yourself up for failure. What is the plan. I don’t understand.

June 15 2017




bisexuals without the bisexual bob haircut are vaild

Who’s Bisexual Bob



I’m reading the original wonder woman script by Joss Whedon and YIKES

margaret atwood: male fantasy male fantasy m a l e  f a n t a s y 



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Based on this tweet by TheTimmyToes!

Webtoon | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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rose re-work

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I need all of these immediately.


self care for when you hit rock bottom




i fucking hate self care posts made by neurotypicals so here’s one from someone who Actually Gets It

-can’t shower or take a bath? me either. dry shampoo can make your hair look and feel cleaner, and baby wipes or makeup wipes work great to get the top layer of grime off your skin.

-can’t wash your sheets and make your bed? i feel you. push your blankets out of the way and shake the crumbs off your sheet. it will at least be a bit more comfortable.

-can’t even change out of your dirty pajamas? been there. hit yourself with some febreeze and a lint roller. if you can, brush your hair. if you can’t, hair ties and bobby pins are fantastic.

-can’t make anything to eat? same. if you can, there’s no shame in ordering food. in fact, it’s probably better you eat something rather than go hungry. if you can’t, try and find something that comes pre-made or takes minimal effort to make. at the very least, drink some water.

can’t respond to messages or reach out for help? yeah, i get that. set an alarm for a few hours from now and respond to any messages you need to once you’ve given yourself time to prepare. if they’re Important Messages that need Professional Responses, you can find fill-in-the-blank format rough drafts on google. as far as personal messages go, don’t feel bad for sending a mass “I’m sorry, I’m in a personal emergency right now. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” response to everyone.

-can’t even sleep because it’s so bad? asmr videos always knock me out, personally, but i also watch a lot of bob ross. just try to find something quiet and soothing to use as background noise and take your mind off it, or at least give you a more peaceful environment to think about it.

-can’t go for a walk/drive? try opening the blinds or curtains. you’re still exposing yourself to the outside world. baby steps. (i also play animal crossing or sims; it may be virtual but fuck it. i went on a walk.)

-can’t go into work/school? let people know. let your coworkers or classmates know it’s an emergency and you can’t make it. give yourself up to two days, but then you have to go back. ask to have your work emailed to you so you know what you missed.

-can’t brush your teeth and wash your face? makeup or baby wipes and gum or mouthwash. don’t let yourself physically rot bc you’re rotting emotionally.

-remember that you’ve been here before. if you survived then you can survive now. that’s what this is about- survival. you don’t have to be living your Best Life. right now, it’s more than enough that you’re alive.

This is the only self car masterpost I’ve ever seen that is feasible for severe depressive episodes

Wwwwwoooowww needed this

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