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November 14 2017

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dam….. they really are oppressed………

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Incel redditor perilously close to inventing feminist analysis of society


“shippers should have fun!”

“unless it’s–”

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Memes are the gateway to one’s soul & ones salt

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Still hilarious to me (and frustrating as hell) that fandom wank 10-15 years ago was “oh, that character is too perfect. Special snowflake. Mary Sue. Give them some flaws to make them more realistic.”

and now it’s “that character isn’t pure enough. They have all these flaws. You must be a bad person if you like them.”

what the ever-living fuck, fandom

things to remember when reading a callout post


  • screenshots can be forged easily in photoshop
  • how old is the person being called out? adults hounding a teenager over saying something dumb they’ll regret in two years… it’s not cool, folks.
  • there are xkit mods that let you modify someone else’s post in a reblog, but most people don’t know about it, so make sure that you view any “incriminating” posts on op’s blog
  • does the person who wrote the callout have any reason to lie? (for example, a personal disagreement)
  • what’s the context?
  • ^^ a couple months ago i saw a post calling out someone for “fetishizing trans men,” only to check the accused person’s blog and see that he was a trans guy himself, who made a lot of positivity posts about his body type.
  • how old is the post?
  • did the accused person have a chance to apologize or address the concern before the details were exposed to thousands of strangers?
  • what’s the purpose of the callout post? is it just to say “this person is bad and you should hate them,” or is it to say “this person has been sending slurs and violent death threats to bloggers in [x] group, here’s some reasonable proof, please block their url for your safety”?

for people who are not involved in the fandom discourse




incest’ means people exploring any depiction of fictional characters who are related or ‘family coded’ in any type of romantic or sexual situation, whether the depiction is positive or negative, regardless of whether they are depicted as related in the fanwork, regardless of rating, tags, or warnings

pedophilia’ means people exploring any depiction of fictional characters who are under the age of twenty in the main canon, in any type of romantic or sexual situation, regardless of how old they are in the fanwork, whether the depiction is positive or negative, regardless of how small the age gap is (including no age gap, if the artist is over twenty), regardless of rating, tags, or warnings

abuse’ means people exploring any depiction of fictional characters who have a less than 100% healthy and friendly relationship in canon, including those characters who only have a difficult or unhealthy relationship in extended materials, headcanons, or popular fanon, in any type of romantic or sexual situation, whether the depiction is positive or negative, regardless of whether the relationship is depicted as healthy and having a healthy history in the fanwork, regardless of rating, tags, or warnings

objectification/fetishization’ means people exploring any depiction of fictional characters who are part of any marginalized identity the artist is not also part of, or who can be confused with an outside group due to their stances or opinions, regardless of whether they’re deconstructing or exploring the canon, or why they’re choosing to depict this particular character or ship, regardless of whether they’re depicting problematic elements in a positive or negative way, regardless of rating, tags, or warnings

Please don’t read these words and assume they’re being applied to real life situations, or that they’re strictly about works that present these things as positive, or that they’re strictly about works presented in areas that are intended for children. If you see the word ‘anti’ in someone’s name or blog description, please be aware that they’re part of a pro-censorship movement that frequently involves suicide baiting, threats, harassment, sexual harassment, and even doxxing and making false police reports.

If a blog identifies itself as ‘anti-[x]’, this is how they misuse loaded terms like ‘pedophilia’, ‘incest’ and ‘abuse’ specifically to deceive you.

and repeated for emphasis from the above PSA: 

please be aware that they’re part of a pro-censorship movement that frequently involves suicide baiting, threats, harassment, sexual harassment, and even doxxing and making false police reports.

For further emphasis

These are not the actual definitions of the terms. On Tumblr, these have become abstract colloquial ‘buzzwords’ that are devoid of logic, reason, and context.

If you see someone misusing these terms, correct them. The actual definitions of these terms are readily available on Wikipedia.

The point is not to stifle criticism, but your criticism needs to be informed.

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Me when I first meet my uncut boyfriend in person

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romanticize the hell out of your life tbh? romanticize the freckle on your left ass cheek or getting gas at the station before sunset. make every moment a good memory. make yourself feel special because you are special and I’m tired of this attitude where we attack each other by saying “no one cares”



I hate the word “discourse” it just sounds like Goofy saying “discuss”

this post literally ruined my life

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i’m honestly almost pleased that the anti-shipping crowd switched from fake-caring about survivors to straight up telling people how they should and shouldn’t cope with real life rape & abuse. please continue making your bigotry and lack of compassion more visible! you guys literally value fictional characters over real people, and i want everyone to know about that.

















But it’s so scary! I was in superwholock phase when I was sixteen. There are MOMS and people over 30 who are still in fandom spaces, who interact with people in THAT way and the older I get, less I understand. You’re a fucking grown ass person. If you still like the shows, nobody’s stopping you from reblogging stuff (of course, DEPENDS what kind of STUFF you’re reblogging but that’s another discussion) but when the adult is an active member of the fandom which is mainly populated by kids… It’s ugly and disgusting and I feel so bad even thinking about that.

I look at posts like this and wonder… when was I supposed to get out?

Was I supposed to get a mortgage and some sensible shoes and learn to play bridge?  Shuffle off to the glue factory to die?

Do you know how much many fandoms would lose if you declared everyone over 21 (or whatever the cutoff is) “creepy” and cast them out?  As bad as I feel for a 30+ year old mother who is deeply into Superwholock, why should she be unwelcome in the fandom?  Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock are none of them Game of Thrones but they aren’t kids shows.  Adults on the internet do not have a responsibility to keep everything they do sanitized for hypothetical minors who might see it.  I AM over 30, and trust me when I say that this shit got hashed out in court back in the 90s when it was new.

Older fans saw hundreds of thousands of fanworks disappear in the early 21st century, sometimes due to technical and economic reasons (like the loss of mailing lists and the fall of Geocities) but we also saw how ugly things could get when puritanical think-of-the-children handwringing censorship turned into witch hunts and deletions on FF.net, LJ, and more.  AO3 was a gift from older fans so new fans of all ages wouldn’t have to worry about that stuff.

I mean get off my lawn and etc, but everyone in fandom needs to understand that they are functionally in a public space that does not promise to be “safe” for them personally, no matter their age.  You may end up interacting with adult content and like it or not it’s going to be up to you to control your experience- block people, blacklist tags, move to a more moderated community, whatever you have to do, but the whole fandom is not going to keep everything acceptable by any one person’s standards.

Fandom is a place where we all come together, and the only thing we need to have in common is a shared love of whatever Thing we came for.

Is OP saying that existing on the internet while over 21 is inherently abusive?

Also it cracks me up when people assume Tumblr is mostly kids.

A bare 12% of Tumblr’s users are under 18.  The largest age group is 25-34.  There are more people in their 40s on Tumblr than there are under 18.

Fandom is overwhelmingly made up of adults and always has been and if you are going to interact with adult spaces, which the internet is, you are responsible for policing your own viewing and interaction.  Don’t want adults interacting with you?  Block them.  But the viewpoint that fandom is made up of children and is for children is a post ~2012 idea.  It is new and while it is pervasive, it is utterly untrue.  

OH NO, THERE ARE ADULT WOMEN ON THE INTERNET.  Sorry, we don’t shrivel up into crones knitting socks when we pass the fuckable age of 25.  You’re going to be in for a real treat of a wakeup when you pass the sell-by date and suddenly people are shouting at you that you’re not allowed to have hobbies.

I don’t understand why there’s this implication that older women in fandom interacting with teens is inherently creepy or predatory? Like, not that they don’t exist but that if you’re an adult making friends with younger people obviously it can only be b/c you’re a creep?

The best way to make friends and enjoy fandom plus learn about various life experiences is by interacting with a wide variety of age groups, nationalities, etc.

And ultimately, if you’re a young person who wants to avoid interacting with adults in fandom, then I would say it’s up to you to block people and avoid following/interacting with content, than expecting every adult you encounter to automatically walk on eggshells or treat you special just for being younger than them.

why do you hate kids so much? even if the kid follows you and you know you make content not for kids……. you have to block them. you’re the adult. why is it so hard to understand

What planet do you live on that you think people who often have thousands of followers need to check every one of them and decide if they’re being age appropriate? What if - big shocker - they don’t put their age out or lie about it?

And more importantly, how incredibly tunnelled vision do you have that you don’t realize that if these “kids” browse tumblr unsupervised by the actual adults IN THEIR LIFE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM they also have literally thousands of porn sites at their disposal, just one click away, many of them actually right here in tumblr? And it doesn’t have to be porn even. Extremism? Violence? All right there on the internet and the people putting it there won’t be having a discussion like this with you like many on this post are civilly doing.

What you are focusing on here, where you are laying the blame and responsibility is really appalling.

yeah, i’m laying responsibility on ADULTS. why do you hate kids so much?

Are you playing dumb at this point?

The adults responsible for children are the adults who chose to acquire them.

Please explain to me in full sentences how I’m supposed raise some hypothetical 15 year old who just followed my blog. Tell me how it works.

simple. you block them. that is all. i don’t understand how it is so hard for YOU to understand. 

So you ARE playing dumb.

Which part of the “thousands of followers” and “lying about age” and “children have parents and guardians who are not me” are you not getting?

that you are a fucking adult and you still have to protect kids in the fandom! if you produce content that is not suitable for them, you HAVE to go through your hundreds of followers and block them. you don’t get to act like a child even if you are among them!

No. I don’t have to.

And you know that, which is the reason for this temper tantrum. Your power trip is not on.

the most annoying thing about this entire tantrum is that IT’S A PURITANICAL RANT ABOUT THE EVILS OF CHILDREN BEING EXPOSED TO (horrified mutter) *SEX*

i was once a children. I was curious about sex, like so many of those childrens here OP is trying to protect. 12, 13, 14 year-olds (and younger) do get turned on, and masturbate. I would have been grateful if I could have got my kicks from fandom smut and fanart WHICH I CAN (AND DO) EASILY CURATE, rather than EVERY OTHER HORRIFYING SHIT I am assaulted by on the internet NOT on fandom blogs.

you want to protect children from “being exposed” to anything remotely sexual until they’re the United States of America age of consent of 18? THEY WON’T APPRECIATE IT. They don’t want you to. If they want to keep themselves, there are tools, and adults in their lives who should be helping them use them. LEAVE THE REST ALONE, sex is not the fucking Antichrist!

And the US views on sex are NOT the rest of the world’s view on sex, your age of consent is NOT our age of consent, and somehow there are places in the world where we don’t regard sex as an inherently evil thing anyone under 18 should be entirely shielded from at any cost.

All of this — and especially the last paragraph. Listen, “woke” Tumblr, the whole world isn’t the U.S., and maybe a lot of you should try to unpack the baggage you picked up in your religious right-wing childhoods.

It’s so much weirder to check the blog of every single person who follows or reblogs you, people have jobs and school and shit. Nobodies forcing teens to reblog r-rated content. Everyone on this website should be aware there will be porn floating around. This is the contract you sign using this website. Take it or leave it. Tumblr teens are not adopted by the adult members of fandom.

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the posture of a man

he wears. a t shirt


apparently, evangelical cartoonist Jack Chick passed away last night

let us remember him by taking a moment to laugh once again at this classic

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reminder for my followers! please stay safe out there!

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